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Beginning April 1st, the State of MI will Begin Re-qualifying Those on Medicaid

In 2020 there were 650,000 people on the state funded health insurance program. As of 2022 there are now more than 3 million people receiving those benefits. That is an 21.67% increase in just two years.

One of the early pandemic laws from the federal government had a Medicaid continuous coverage rule. This rule said that people on Medicaid could not be disenrolled unless they moved to another state, died, or asked to be removed. This means that you may have not had to report changes or renew your eligibility since 2019 or 2020. This rule applies until April 2023.

medicaid redetermination michiganStarting April 1, 2023, the Michigan Department of Health, and Human Services (MDHHS) will begin sending renewal information to the addresses they have on file. Renewal packets will go out one to two months before the month they are due (the month you began qualifying for health benefits originally). MDHHS plans to spread the renewals out over a year, so you may not get a renewal letter until 2024. You must respond to this renewal if you get it, or your Medicaid coverage will stop.

If you do not qualify for these benefits any longer, you do have what is called a qualifying event to purchase health insurance on the Marketplace (if you qualify financially). We recommend contacting a local insurance agency to assist you with these life changes.

  • They will assist in helping find a plan that fits your specific needs as well educate you on what you are purchasing.
  • They often apply for and manage your account for you as well, making the process stress free.
  • You have a local contact that you can visit in person with questions and knows the plans they are selling you.
  • Their services are free to you, as they are paid on the back end by the carrier.

If you, a friend, or family member are experiencing a loss of your health insurance benefits, give Freeland Insurance Solutions a call today at 269-910-2758.