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Work Life Balance – Is it Really Possible?

I have been a working professional for the past 25 years, and great work ethic has been ingrained in me my entire life. I learned at a young age that you must build the life you want – and that comes from hard work and determination. I took that advice to heart and now, reflecting on the past 25 years, I sadly feel I have missed some amazing adventures due to being a workaholic.

I have a passion for working and it fills my cup professionally, I recently realized that I was feeling guilty for spending more time with my family in the off season. I could be making more social media posts, attending more networking groups, etc. Why the heck should I feel guilty for spending time with family and refueling in these slower months? Well, you shouldn’t!  It took me 25 years to slow down and listen to what my body needed. I had an amazing support system encouraging me to do less and enjoy more. Isn’t that why we work so hard anyway?

This is my first summer being self-employed, and with this new flexibility I took advantage of being able to work from anywhere. July 2022 has been the most rewarding month of my life. I have spent more time one-on one with my kids as well as with my family. Reflecting on this month really has taught me that you can have a successful business and still enjoy the downtime before the chaos of busy season begins (if your business has seasons as mine does).

Below are just a few of the adventures I had with my family. Also, a huge milestone for the business was this month. I filed my LLC paperwork to start this journey July of 2021 and on that day I was hiking in the UP with my daughter. What an amazing way to celebrate!

The point of this blog is to enjoy life while you can. Buckle down and grind at work but, also make sure to refill your cup with whatever makes you happy in life. We aren’t promised a tomorrow and you will never regret balancing work and life in a healthy way.